the story

r e t r o p l a s t i k juxtaposes notes of streetstyle and luxury with a combination of retro and modern elements. The use of couture finishings and vintage textures on high-tech materials, innovative cuts on iconic shapes reflect the brand's love of contrasts. retroplastik immerses the urban centers of high fashion into nature, sun, sea, sport and open spaces with the use of unique textures, colour palettes and craftsmanship. Beach bum meets international transient city-dweller.

Remote Jericoacora is a paradise on earth and and a pearl of Brasil that only started to reveal its beauty to the world in the 80's. Jericoacora's small vibrant mix of local and foreign cultures lures travelers from around the world. This Mecca welcomes people to kite & windsurf along its stunning coastline, to bask in the sun and to switch off and relax. The untouched nature, the serenity and the elegant sails that constantly ripple through the magnificent panoramic view makes a person wonder how a place like this exists. We pay homage to this beauty in our first collection.

r e t r o p l a s t i k 's weaves together the playfulness of Brasil with the sophistication of Paris. The two cultures are married together reflecting a bohemian spirit and a metropolitan, modern lifestyle. Luxurious and refined silhouettes are contrasted with edgy, graphic movements. The dynamic force created by the cuts and designs recall the alluring artistry of wind-blown sails against the captivating greens of the surroundings and the constantly changing blue of the sky and the sea. The colorus of the collection: khaki, cobalt blue, black, navy, bordeaux and gold translate the radient vision of Jericorcora into contemporary urban language.