about us

Founded in 2011, r e t r o p l a s t i k is dedicated to the creation of beautifully crafted, one of a kind luxury swimwear, clothing and accessories. Only the highest quality fabrics, materials and elements are used in the manufacturing of our products. The production of limited editions and small series allows us to control and maintain the excellence we strive to achieve with every piece. All of our collections take inspiration from a unique story. They are all part of the history of the brand and therefore remain integral part of  r e t r o p l a s t i k through carry-over items.

r e t r o p l a s t i k 's identity is defined by the apparent purity and minimalism of our designs fusing smart structures, modern elements, bold texture combinations, edgy, geometric cuts and innovative materials that are discretely emphasized by the immaculate finishing; all in one beautiful object.

Quality and comfort are equally essential to us and underline the luxury of the products, which are simultaneously chic, easy to style, useful and practical. They are designed for the stylish, modern, active person.